The first major revival of Doug Lucie’s HARD FEELINGS at the Finborough Theatre 11th June- 6th July 2013.

Thatcher’s Britain – Brixton, 1981. As tensions mount on the streets, in the safety of their home, a group of Oxford University graduates barely notice what’s happening outside as police and rioters clash, shops are looted and buildings set on fire. In both worlds there is a fight for rights… a fight for respect …a fight for control. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will make the strongest cocktail? And when the dust finally settles the question remains… Will things ever change


The Team

Director- James Hillier
Designer- Stephanie Williams
Lighting- Will Evans
Sound- Tom Mehan
Casting- Ava Morgan
Executive Producer- Trish Wadley
Producers- Robert F Bradish, Matt Rossi
Graphic Designer- Clare Nicholson
Productions Photos- Simon Annand

Cast- Zora Bishop, Nick Blakely, Margaret Clunie, Jesse Fox, Isabella Laughland, Callum Turner.


Hillier’s production not only gets the details right, from the Rod Stewart record nestling among the LPs to the cut of the clothes; it also coaxes vividly particularised performances. 

The Guardian


Doug Lucie’s signature spikiness remains intact, and then some, in the Defibrillator production of Hard Feelings, which is sure to pack out west London’s tiny Finborough and might well be a candidate for a transfer.

 The Arts Desk


Enjoyably snappy, with an excellent ensemble cast. 

Time Out


The riots are going on outside, but the audience are having too much fun with Rusty grooving along to Depeche Mode. 

Daily Telegraph


The sextet of talented young actors in James Hillier’s punchy production inhabit their unlovable characters with humour and dash. 

The Stage